Growing Hearts

Karen Whiting Award winning author international speaker invites you to grow your heart and the hearts of your children. Come alongside Karen Whiting to splash joy and creativity into life while connecting them to God.

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“Growing Hearts All Over The Nations”

Karen Whiting is an acclaimed author and speaker, captivating hearts nationwide with her warm, engaging approach. From Malaysia to Russia, she's inspired audiences through magazines, podcasts, radio, speaking engagements, and TV. Karen excels in growing families hearts, weaving God’s Word into daily life, and leading seminars that resonate with all ages. Invite Karen to Speak at Your Conference, Meeting, or Show.

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Nurturing Your Heart and the Hearts of Loved Ones
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Grow Your Heart

Growing Heart Series
real stories will nurture peace and joy in your heart

Women and Men
nourish your heart with truth, faith and tools for growth

Grow Your Family

Family Devotional Series
elementary-aged children, active engagement, character building, serving, and prayer

Kid's Devotional Books
children will understand and apply scriptures with exciting hands-on activities

Crafting & Activity Books
steam based crafts, Biblical themes, musical, literacy, motor, and movement skills

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Access Karen Whiting's free resources, including insightful parenting articles, creative craft downloads, and engaging radio interviews. These tools, designed to enrich and support families, reflect Karen's expertise and passion for fostering strong family bonds.

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Handmade Star Glider

The Prayer That I Prayed When I Was 10 Years 0ld

The Threefold Purpose of Bread

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 A new book by Karen Whiting and Pam Farrel We can choose joy! It starts with developing inner joy. That’s a real abiding joy from God. Then we can create more joy in our relationships, choose joy in all situations, and learn to spread joy.  The true stories of people who have discovered and chosen joy will inspire you to develop more joy.  Daily Choose Joy tips help you apply ideas presented to more

Self Care for Peace

Peace can seem elusive but really the foundation of peace is forgiveness, gratitude, and thankfulness. Self care for peace starts with cultivating inner peace. Going to a spa refreshes your body and relaxes your mind. For inner  and more lasting peace, start with selfceare to be healthy and free of negative thoughts, then and choose new ways to create peace within and in various aspects of your life. Inner peace promotes confidence, flexibility, and courage. It’s easier to make and accept changes, believe more

Moms: Fuel Your Tank

As moms, we want peace within our hearts and in our lives. When feeling drained, you’ll want to find life giving ways to fuel your tank with joy, peace, patience, and more. Moms face many similar daily problems: I’m tired of brokering peace deals and settling petty squabbles of my children. Will my child follow Jesus always? How can I get organized? Is there an end to laundry? We can all add our own words. We have questions and wonder how to make life [Mom-care] easier, reduce stress, and more