I hope you are surrounded by a wonderful family, natural or through relationships developed. I share from my heart to bring creativity, stronger bonds, and inspiration to you and my other readers.

A message from Karen

I love to let creativity splash on the pages I write. I desire to help you develop strong relationships with your family and God, and to live more joyfully. Family has always been the heart of my life, whether part of my natural family, my military family when living on bases, or my family of friends. It’s a pleasure to connect with my readers, so please join me on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. I’d love to hear your story and I’m available to coach you on your writing and markreting journey.

I’m grateful to be on the cover of Leading Hearts Magazine. The feature articles let you know more about me. 


Other facts about me:

  • The One Year My Princess Devotions won the Christian Retailer Best Awards, children's nonfiction category,
  •  52 Weekly Devotions for Families Called to Serve, a book to connect families and help develop servant hearts in children.
  •  I love to cook, especially breads. My book The Gift of Bread includes recipes, heart warming stores around bread, and insights into bread in the Bible. It’s a book that’s been on my heart for a long time. Jesus is the Bread of Life and I’m thankful for His gift of living bread. Check out a video on making muffin bouquets, a great way to include bread on your table.

Check out my bread baking, and crafting with kids videos on my youtube channel.

Check out videos of my TV appearances (press kit page) and my numerous upcoming book releases.


It's Autumn!

This year flew past with my two daughters moving from south Florida, one to NC and one to TN, three book contracts, and a little travel to speak. I’ll be speaking locally a bit and will also do some more online speaking. Next spring my youngest son will get married. In the summer I’ll cruise with some family, in the Mediterranean Sea.

I’m starting a new page on FB soon, Gworing a Mother’s Heart, to connect with moms and our common struggles, joys, and hopes.


Fall news from Karen

It’s September and I just signed a new book contract! This will be the third family devotional and will focus on prayer. It’s titled

52 Weekly Devotions to Help Families Pray

This will include the hands on fun as in the other books and topics will be on prayng together, responding to kid’s questions aboutprayers (like why hasn’t God answered me yet?  How do I pray? and Does prayer work?)

Meanwhile I am almost done writing and editing my February release Growing a Mother’s Heart. Moms can worry that they are not good enough, make poor choices, and wonder if they are doing the best things for their families. That’s normal. Let’s look at our needs, our desires, joys, support, and more that’s all part of being a mom, and grow together.