I hope you are surrounded by a wonderful family, natural or through relationships developed. I share from my heart to bring creativity, stronger bonds, and inspiration to you and my other readers.

A message from Karen

Family has always been the heart of my life, whether part of my natural family, my military family when living on bases, or my family of friends. I hope family is important to you too! I love helping my younger daughter homeschool her children. Usually that’s from a distance and online, but I have had them stay with me for up to a month where I can teach them.

 I desire to help you develop strong relationships with your family and God, and to live more joyfully. It’s a pleasure to connect with my readers, so please join me on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. I’d love to hear your story and if you are a writer, I’m available to coach you on your writing and marketing journey.

For Adults/Parents

My new series on Growing Hearts incorporates true stories from past and present to remind us we are all on a journey of growth. We fail, struglle, and restart. We also share common joys. The upcoming book Growing a Peaceful Heart shares stories of inner peace, peace in relationships, and being peacemakers in the world. Each one shares stories of people in history and in the BIble and their triumphs and struggles of the heart as they also grew wiser and more loving.

Interacting as a Family

I enjoyed praying, crafting, cooking, and playing with my children as they grew up. My new books reflect those activities to give you more resources to use with your families. 52 Weekly Devotions for Family Prayer shares a new way to try praying together every week and hands-on explorations into questions children ask about prayer. It’s easy to turn that one into a faith curriculum. Devos for Brave Boys shares stories that encourage young lads to be brave. The Super-sized Book of Bible Gift Crafts provides ideas and patters for making more than 100 paper crafts from games and puppets to cards and decorations (12 categories) of inexpensive fun that also shares kindness and encouragement with suggestions of messages to write on the crafts. Many such as the storytelling aids make great crafts for summarizing and sharing lessons learned in core subjects.

More to Check Out

Check out my bread baking, and crafting with kids videos on my youtube channel.Have fun cooking and creating crafts with children!

Check out videos of my TV appearances (press kit page) and my numerous upcoming book releases and discover how I want to offer you hope and ideas to help you an your loved ones thrive!


Spring into more books from Karen!


A new craft book is here!  

100+ paper crafts that focus on kindness and enouragement! 

12 topics offer lots of fun and learning. 21 STEAM pages helkp you relate art to science, math, and technology. 

Children can use many of the art projects to share what they learn in various subjects. Make a circular, 4 scene diorama or a simple one scene one to share part of a story or famous person in hostory, the four seasons or cycle in nature.  

Make a toy and add kind words to pass on to a friend to encourage that person. 

There’s so much to do with paper and simple supplies!






Praying as a Family

Prayer is so important in the Christian life. We need to equip our children to be great prayer warriors and to praise God for all he does. I prayed with my children as they grew. My new book that releases October 1, 2021 is 52 Weekly Devotions for Family Prayer. Every week there’s a new way to pray as a family plus hands on activities to explore questions children ask about prayer.

Prayer can be simple and short such as the POW-WOW prayers where one person states one worry and one wonder/blessing. The next person prays over the worry in one sentence and worships over the wonder with one sentence and then states a worry and a praise. This circles around until everyone has prayed. Praying for someone else helps a child focus on another family member and care about the prayer needs and rejoice in the blessings.