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I hope you are surrounded by a wonderful family, natural or through relationships developed. I share from my heart to bring creativity, stronger bonds, and inspiration to you and my other readers.



A message from Karen

Family has always been the heart of my life, whether part of my natural family, my military family when living on bases, or my family of friends. I hope family is important to you too! I love helping my younger daughter homeschool her children. 

 I desire to help you develop strong relationships with your family and God, and to live more joyfully. You can chat with me when you join me on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter.

For Adults/Parents

My new series on Growing Hearts incorporates true stories from past and present to remind us we are all on a journey of growth. We fail, struggle, and restart. We also share common joys.

Interacting as a Family

I have respuirce tools to help you engage and raise great kids! 52 Weekly Devotions for Family Prayer shares a new way to pray together every week and hands-on explorations into questions children ask about prayer. It’s easy to turn that one into a faith curriculum.

Devos for Brave Boys shares stories that encourage young lads to be brave plus engages them with a matching activity.

The Super-sized Book of Bible Gift Crafts provides ideas and patters for making more than 100 paper crafts from games and puppets to cards and decorations (12 categories) of inexpensive fun that also shares kindness and encouragement with suggestions of messages to write on the crafts. 




Add Joy to Life!

 A new book by Karen Whiting and Pam Farrel

We can choose joy! It starts with developing inner joy. That’s a real abiding joy from God. Then we can create more joy in our relationships, choose joy in all situations, and learn to spread joy. 

The true stories of people who have discovered and chosen joy will inspire you to develop more joy. 

Daily Choose Joy tips help you apply ideas presented to your life.

Coming in October: Growing a Peaceful Heart

Are you ever sleepless from stress or anxiety, getting angry or crying easily? Are there relationships you wish you could improve? Or do you have times you just can’t seem to have inner peace? Then choose to change.

If you want to be a peacemaker to calm people down, lessen squabbles, or impact your community, discover how peacemakers in history and in the Bible brought peace. 

30 weeks of prayer and devotional stories show how we can have peace in spite of circumstances. It’s a process. Karen shares in these devotions how she had peace while raising five children in military life through major hurricanes that caused serious damage, four lightning strikes, 2 spontaeous combustible fires, an earthquake, hail storm, and other natural disasters as well as the loss of her husband to breast cancer. Co-author Sara DuBose also had her share of disasters and hard times. Peace can reign in your heart and life!

Preorder the book wherever books are sold (especially at your local book store). Realease date is October 20th. 

It’s the the next book in the Growing Herat Series. 


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