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Nature Bible Puppet Mania
Handbook for making and using puppets

A Great Puppetry Handbook for Camp Directors, Sunday School Teachers, and Youth Group workers.

Provides information on stages, making and manipulating puppets, script writing, and more!

Sunday school teachers, vacation Bible school workers, camp counselors, and anyone who works with younger children will enjoy the "crafty creativity" ideas in Karen Whiting's new book, Nature Bible Puppet Mania. Karen, an accomplished puppeteer herself and leader of youth puppet ministry teams, has done an excellent job sharing construction ideas, technique and character voice advice, and Bible story skits for a wide variety of animal puppet characters. The construction materials recommended are easy to find, and include foam, felt, cloth, paper, cardboard, gloves, wigs, boxes, sacks, and various dollar store items. The book includes many drawings, patterns, and pictures to assist the leader in helping make the various characters take shape and come alive. Your children will love the creation process and have fun using the puppets to share Bible stories and truths.

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