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Secrets of Success for Women: The Home digital

This beautiful little gift book weaves practical tips with Scripture and creative solutions to help women create a Christ-centered home life and nurture children's spiritual growth. The Home offers Bible-based advice on blessing the home, prayer at home, servant love that models Christ's example, teamwork with spouses, and cultivation of family relationships rooted in Christian love. For women without a spouse the book includes tips on partnering with God in raising children.

With this book a woman who imagines a better life for herself and her family can make the dream become a reality. Reflections on Biblical women provide inspiration and insight. They can discover ways to help children connect to Christ through their personalities, interests and learning styles. Parents can continue nurturing children's spiritual growth with age-group specific ideas. When a home becomes a haven love spills out beyond family in hospitality and community service.

CLW Communications/AMG March 2005 ISBN: 0899571239

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