No Two Kids Are Alike
Teach Your Child According to His/Her Personality


Princess of Purpose in Focus on the Family Magazine
Discover how to nurture the Fruit of the Spirit in girls


Growing Fruit (of the Spirit) at Home
From my co-author Doreen Hanna

Raising girls and instilling the Fruit of the Spirit


Writing Devotions by Karen Whiting

Touch people's hearts with a short inspirational piece that connects them to a scripture and God. The article looks at how devotions are a gift of words that, like apples of gold in settings of silver, are words spoken at the right time.


Easter Around the World
How Christians celebrate Easter in various countries

Discover some Easter traditions in Ethiopia, Australia, Sweden, Mexico, and other countries


Fun with Favorite Books
Post on Christian Children's Authors

Nine ways to maximize fun with books with children


Let's Get Creative
Guest blog post on Davalyn Spencer's blogspot

Chat about creativity and how My Mini Dream Room sparks imagination and develops creativity in girls


The Banner Yet Waved
History behind the American Flag during the War of 1812

Lydia Hollingsworth watched the Battle of Baltimore during the War of 1812 from a family home. In the morning, she shared the same relief as Francis Scott Key as she penned,“I dressed soon after day broke. We with great pleasure observed our Flags at each Fort still flying."


Is Your Idea R-I-P-E?
Elements needed to write an article

An article or story without the complete package in mind is not ripe for writing and will be as unpalatable as a green banana. Four components make it ripe.

Write on Target
Writing to fit needs of your audience

The importance of connecting with readers through experiences