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Secrets of Success for Women: Time digital copy

This handy little gem is small enough to tuck in a purse yet big enough in content to provide creative time solutions for women drowning in the busyness of life. Discover God's creation as a pattern for Time usage.

Here women will find tools for a simpler yet more productive life. It will help them to set goals, define their life mission, make time choices that bring fulfillment and help her reach those goals.

An inspirational guide that will help women maximize moments with God and family reduce stress, organize time, and make wise choices that balance life. Topics include setting goals, prioritizing, seven stress-busting techniques, when to say "yes," ways to say "no" graciously, sprinkling joy into days, overcoming procrastination, eliminating time-wasters, maximizing time with God and family, timely home management, and God's time promises.

CLW Communications/AMG March 2005 ISBN: 0899571247



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