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102 Wiggly Bible Rhymes and Rhythms

Bible Learning Activities for Young Children
You're teaching little children, and you run out of ideas before the time is up. Or your children get antsy, bored, or wiggly. Maybe you want to add a little fun to your children's learning experiences. What's a teacher or parent to do? 102 Wiggly Bible Rhymes and Rhythms provides a solution option. This Christian education book for teachers or parents of ages 4-7 presents lively rhymes and songs for use that:

  • Introduce, reinforce, or review a Bible story or teaching
  • Provide multi-sensory teaching
  • Change the pace of lessons
  • Let children move and get their wiggles out
  • Provides multiple intelligence learning experiences
  • Engages students in learning
  • Appeals to different learning styles

Abingdon Press February 5, 2010 ISBN: 1426708491

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