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Karen Whiting 2018 press kit
New press kit

Writing Coach One Sheet
Coaching qualifications, background, and what a writing coach can do for you

Called to Serve Press Kit

Envelope corner mouse
Cut a mouse from the corner of an envelope and use it as a simple finger puppet or a bookmark

Book Sampler
Samples of 4 books (Boys, Princess devotions, Bature Girl, Homefront book)

Test read these 4 books: Stories of Faith and Courage from the Homefront: From the French and Indian Wars to the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan The One Year Devotions for Active Boys The One Year My Princess Devotions Nature Girl: Caring for God's Creation


Day 1 Stress Basics
Understanding stress and a basic reaction plan

Tips on four types of stress, stressors, and the ABC plan for reacting to stress.


Day 2 Reduce Negative Stress
Christian responses, inventory stressors, recall who is in charge, reduce stress

Reduce stress by identifying what causes stress and better ways to react.


Day 3 Plan Changes
Motivation to Change

There are 2 main motivations for change, discover what they are and choose 1 if you truly want change. Use self-pep talks to move forward, and try stress busters for stress caused by negative thoughts and reactions.


Day 4 Take Action to Change Your Attitude
Choose positive actions, attitudes, and perspectives

Releasing stress is often a matter of faith, heart, and attitude. We make choices of how to react and that starts with trusting God and our attitudes.


Day 5 Lessen Relational Stress
Stress Relief in Relationships

Basics in lowering stress around people who stress you out. Includes set a good tone, respond well, healthy choices, finding win-win possibilities, actively listen, and setting boundaries.


Day 6 Filling Your Heart
Meeting Basic Emotional Needs

We all have basic needs to feel loved, approved, accepted, affirmed, and more. Let's delve into how we can have our needs met and met needs of others.


Day 7 Multiple Streams of Contentment
When stressed we can fixate on one problem, relief that with multiple streams

Choose to fill life with multiple streams of peace, joy, and contentment. Then you can change your focus off a problem and onto something that lifts your spirits and reduces stress.


Day 8 Laughter lessens stress
Finding ways to laugh and relax to D-stress

Explore how laughter really helps lessen stress, and ideas to increase laughter.


Day 9 Healthy Lifestyle to Reduce Stress
Exercise, healthy diet, and activities to promote good hormones reduces stress

Exercise, laughter, healthy diet, and activities to promote good hormones reduces stress. Dopamines, endorphins, seratonin, and oxytocin all promote a more stress-less lifestyle.


Day 1 Envision Your Home as a Haven
Envision what you want for your home

Check out possibilities to decide your goals for your home. Also check out God's time principles in creation.


Day 2 Get out of time debt
Tips on calendars and time choices

Ideas to get out of time debt, make use of calendars, and balance tips.


Day 3 Basic Organization System
two systems to get organized

It all comes down to sorting and grouping like items while getting rid of unneeded clutter.


Day 4 Overcome Procrastination
Get motivated and overcome procrastination tips

Get motivates, eliminate excuses to procrastinate, build in time cushions, and learn to say "No."

Day 5 Ideas to Maintain Order
Strategies to keep things organized

Strategies, mottos, habits, and rules to make keeping your home organized.


Day 6: Organizing Papers
Timely paper management and vertical files

Easier way to handle papers and file them to be more easy to find things,


Day 7: Mindfulness
To-do lists, focusing on what matters, letting go of distractions, and more

Be mindful of your surrounds, choices, and priorities with some guidelines to help.


Day 8 Devotions for an Organized Life
Eleven devotions to reflect on scriptures related to organized living

Short stories with coordinated scripture passages to motivate and help a person get more organized.


Day 1 Character and Faith Development
Basic needs of children and some basics in developing character

Rising children begins with understanding them and strategies that work for moms. We need to help fill our children's hearts and minds with what they need to thrive (acceptance, affection, approval and more). We also need to understand their personalities to know what motivates them and what basic needs they want most. Also included are ten godly traits to develop.


Day 2 Character Development Activities
Nurture good character qualities in children

Good choices, emotional coaching, and other activities to promote positive character development in children.


Karen's Devotions for Kids
Devotions with activities to help children grow spiritually

Each book is unique and written for the age and sex of the reader.


Day 3 Godly Discipline Parenting Strategies
Consistency and Consequences are key to raising well behave children

Training and discipline tips with parental rules and boundaries really work. We also need to remain calmly in charge. These tips will get you started.


Day 4 Engage Children in Praying with You
Benefits of prayer, ways to pray together

Apply ideas to engage children in prayer plus discover some of the many benefits of praying together.


Day 4 Samples from the book 52 Weekly Devotions for Family Prayer
Sample from the book 52 Weekly Devotions for Family Prayer

Every week includes: *hands on activities to explore a question children ask about prayer *contemporary story of families who pray *Bible story related to prayer 8Scripture prompts *family prayer journal prompts *A different way to pray as a family


Day 5, part 1 Growing Faith
Wisdom and article links to help children grow in faith

Articles include how to have consistent family devotions, encourage boys to be brave, discovering gratitude in the Bible, and how to start a New Year of month with a focus on faith.


Day 5: Family Devotions and Faith Building
Gathering together to study Scriptures and pray helps develop lasting faith

A sample of devotions to try will help build a faith foundation and create faith bonds.


Day 6 Developing Servant Hearts
Serving others in actions and words

Helping children serve and encourage others.


Day 5: sample devos from Families Called to Serve
Help children develop servant hearts that bless others.

Sample of a book on how we are called to serve and how to do it through real stories, hands on fun, scripture chat prompts, and more!


Day 7 More Parenting Tips
Day 6 Character development

Links to articles that provide more ideas on developing positive, biblical character in our children.


Creativity Day 1 The Importance of Imagination
The importance of imagination and considering how to make planes that work

Making plans for family fun also means understanding the needs and interest of the individuals in the family. It's also important to understand the


Creativity Day 1, part 2: Fun for Your Unique Family
Trips where family members can also enjoy what they each like best

At the beach or in the backyard, our children are unique. Make plans that help them have fun in their own ways.


Day 2 Creativity
Creativity quiz and benefits of making crafts


Creativity Day 2 part 2
Benefits of making crafts for kids

From developing cognitive and decision making to developing coordination, spatial relationships, and dexterity, hands on fun is very beneficial for children. It also inspires creativity and fires up their imaginations.


Day 3 Creativity
Let's Get Active

Parties, experiments, games, and other ways to add fun to family life!


Day 4 Creativity
Let's Get Creative!

Activities to inspire children's creativity that include paper crafts and easy to make puppets.

Day 5 Creativity
Add joy to life!

Understanding joy and choosing little ways to sprinkle joy in the lives of others.


Day 6 Creativity
Attitude of Gratitude

Being grateful helps us change our persp[ective and fills out hearts with happy memories and thoughts.


Day 7 Month of Fun
Sample of adding fun to the monthly calendar

One month of ideas. Repeat it or make up your own calendars each month.


Day 7 Tips for Moms of Budding Artists
make crafts easier, display ideas, and more

Ideas to make crafting easier and less messy, to display or create memories, and how to develop a child's artistic sense.


Bread Baking Course
Basics and beyond in baking breads

From understanding grain and measuring to baking quick breads, yeast breads, and using refrigerated doughs, discover the joy of baking and help children learn to bake.


8 Devotions to help lessen stress
Devos related to stress

A variety of devotions to inspire you to let go of stress.


Devotions for children by Karen Whiting
several devos for little ones to teens

Devotions for young girls, boys, tweens, and high school historical devotional


Peace message from Karen Whiting
A message and article links on peace

Create peace at home and learn from great peacemakers of the past


Christmas Angel Tree Topper
Paper angel tree topper or decoration

Cut, decorate, and slid the slits together to form ann gel that can sit on a shelf or be a tree topper.


Prayer for Holiday Peace
Prayer for the Holy Spirit to bring peace in your heart

Pray for God to bring peace this holiday season


Peace message from Cynthia
Restore your mind with peace

Tips from Cynthia to have peace


Devotion: The Practice of Peace
Focus your mind on Christ

Practice peace is to practice focusing on God whenever thought bring anxiety.


Moses Hidden Picture Booklet
Print, color, and fold paper to make a booklet with little windows

A hidden window helps make the story more exciting as children discover the story of Moses from the book of Exodus. For more paper crafts from Karen and Rebecca, get a copy of The Super-Sized Book of Bible Craft Gifts.


Special puzzle note to send

A cross with puzzles and coloring to do can be folded and sent to someone. It's a great way to share about the resurrection.


Peacemaker CutNTell Story
Fold & cut a circle storytelling

Every shape cut from circle opens to become another part of the story to share someone believing in Jesus and sharing God's love.


Doll Necklaces
Use a bead, cord, netting, and a marker to make a doll necklace.

Tying knots and stringing a bead can transform simple items into a precious gift.


Harvest Scene in a Bag
Pumpkins, autumn leaves, and a scarecrow in a bag make!

Directions to make a scene with mini apple baskets, pumpkins, and more to celebrate God's creation in autumn.


Freebies for Christmas!
Links to various freebies of crafts, surrender joy streamers, prayer, bonus chapters, and more!

These links are from some of the authors of the Christmas Shop Books! You will be asked to give your email to be added to their newsletters, but can unsubscribe at anytime form each of them.


7 steps to replace stress with joy
Choosing the positive over the negative in 7 ways

Reframing stress, replacing stress with joy, replace busyness with mindfulness, build a support system, smile inducers, bless others, and develop a healthier lifestyle.


4 Fantastic Joy Sprinklers
4 steps to increase and choose joy

1. Change your perspective to God's perspective 2. Look outward in blessing others 3. Get/stay connected to God 4. Include joy inspiring activities in daily life


4 Fantastic Creativity Sprinklers

1. Be curious 2. Pray and connect to God 3. Get your mind spinning and capture the ideas 4. Diversify experiences to increase creative output


6 Steps to reaching your Organized Comfort Zone


Top 7 Ways to Grow Your Child's Faith and Character
Mindfulness, time, filling a child's needs, and more to raise Christian kids

1. Mindfulness and observations to understand child 2. Live and model faith and character 3. Invest time in child 4. Processing input 5. Nurture virtues and character 6. Develop a Biblical perspective 7. Meet your child's needs


Mini-peace Flextangle
4 images rotate on paper flex tangle

Print, cut, and make a flex tangle.


7 Steps to replace stress with Peace and Joy
Reducing stress creates a vacuum-be sure to refill it

7 Step that replace stress with something positive. This is what you need to overcome stress. Reducing stress just leave more room for new stress and worry to enter.