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365 Devotions for Hope

365 devotoe need hope at all times, especially when life is rough or we feel God is not answering our prayers.
There's good news. Signs and words of hope are all around us. That's good because we need hope to move forward, especially during struggles and loss. Hope is the expectation of something good.Word pictures of images, uplifting quotes, and glimpses into God's love will inspire readers to embrace life. For example, in examining the scripture of Christ as our anchor, devotions explore various anchors (plow, mushroom, claw, and fluke) as well as moorings and other nautical analogies to discover more about hope in God. 
What are some of the signs of hope around us?
  • Nature provides many signs, such as a daffodil blooming in the snow, twinkling stars at night, or playful pups.
  • Loved ones bring hope with encouraging words, hugs, smiles, and gifts.
  • God's Word brings the ultimate hope with the promise of God's presence and eternity.

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