Relax and Discover Peace

Prepare for a Peace Spa
DIY peace spa, peace tips, and ideas to fill your heart with peace

Prepare for a peace spa by gathering items, setting the scene, and more.


DIY Peace Spa Day
Ideas and activities to relax and destress

Relax mind, body, and soul plus journal prompts to help let go of worries, anger, and stress


Developing Inner Peace
Ways to choose peace and let go of fear/anxiety

Six ways to develop inner peace and let go of troubles, fear, anger, and more.


Relational Peace Ideas
Ideas to have more peace in relationships

Liste, stop replaying unkind words, engage in fun, and use good conflict resolution methods to have more peace


Be a Peacemaker
Ideas to become a peacemaker

From listening, understanding, to kind words and actions, we can add peace to the world.


More self-care tips
Refrigerator beauty tips and more

Minute selfceare ideas, refrigerator beauty tips, and a self-care check list to extend your peace spa!


Twirling Dove Centerpiece
Dove inside a standing frame that twirls.

Make a centerpiece with a twirling image of a dove of heart.


10 Ways to Share Peace in Your Community
Great ideas of spreading peace

Simple ways to sprinkle peace in your community.


Free Peace Resources
Download Selah Peace, Parenting Spiritual Growth, and more

Be a Community Peacemaker Have Selah Peace Nurture spiritual Growth in your children Make a dove peace centerpiece


Dove Treat Holder pattern
a simple cut and fold craft

Cut and fold the pattern to make a dove treat holder. Add in a note and candy hug.


Finding Peace Amid Chaos
Devotion and tips on finding peace in chaos

Help on finding peace when chaos strikes suddenly.


Peace Party freebies
free resources on peace


Peace Scriptures from Joan C. Benson
scriptures and wisdom on peace

Meme of scriptures