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By Ava Pennington

Reflect on God’s Names for peace

By Karen Whiting & Sara DuBose

Stories of peace to warm your heart

By Linda Evans Shepherd

God answers prayer: Ask for peace!

By Karen Porter

Heal your heart and fill it with peace

Peace for Troubled Hearts                                                                                           Fiction
Children’s Books                                                                                                                                                                                               Podcasts on Peace

By Donna Frisinger                       

Come along on an adventure to peace!

By Michelle Lazurek      

Helping children live in peace!

By Rebecca White & Karen Whiting

100+ paper crafts on kindness


Hosted by Cynthia L. Simmons

Discovering  peace in the midst of trials

Tips and free resources for Peace from the Authors!

Donna Frisinger               Sing praise during difficult times to live in God's peace and grace.

Michelle Lazurek             Even if you have a disability, we can have peace in knowing God will use you as He directs.

                                           Five Christian Ways to Handle Disagreements

DiAnn Mills                       Peace is more than a good feeling, but a state of mind that comes from embracing truth

                                           and the freedom that comes with it.

Ava Pennington                Others promise peace, but Jesus is the only one who brings real peace because He is the Prince of Peace!

                                            Devotion: The Practice of Peace

Karen Porter                     Christmas must happen in your heart before it happens in your life.

                                            Find a place for Christ in your busy schedule and you’ll find peace.

Linda Evans Shepherd    Peace is a prayer we breathe as we rest in the presence of a God who loves us.

                                           Prayer for Holiday Peace

Cynthia L. Simmons        Take a deep, calming breath. As air flows out of your body, let all the tension land on Jesus.

                                            Peace tips from Cynthia to restore your mind

Caris Snider                      Practice using gratitude to block the anxious thoughts from stealing peaceful moments God has for you.

PeggySue Wells                The most important things are not things at all.

Rebecca White                 Be kind in your words and actions

                                            Free angel craft patterns

Karen Whiting                  To have peace start with forgiveness, then bless others with listening and encouragement.

                                            Free articles on peace (peace at home/peace lessons from great peacemakers in history)


Videos of book reviews

Ava Pennington Reflections on the Names of God Porter Make Your Heart a Manger

Caris Snider Anxiety Elephants for Girls

Cynthia L. Simmons podcast and Reflecting Gold

DiAnn Mills Concrete Evidence

Edie Melson Soul Care for When You’re Grieving 

Donna Frisinger Bink and Slinky

Karen Porter Make Your Heart a Manger 

Linda Evans Shepherd Prayers for Every Need

Michelle Lazurek The Special Needs Children

PeggySue Wells Homeless for the Holidays

Rebecca White and Karen Whiting The Super-sized Book of Bible Craft Gifts

Karen Whiting Growing a Peaceful Heart