Karen Whiting Products for Art


Check out my art product store for kits and craft books to help children enjoy making and using crafts. Most are made with paper and recycled products or simple dollar store items. For full store of products go to https://karen-whiting.square.site/.

My Mini Dream Room

Make miniatures for a dollhouse bedroom

Make a bed, dresser, wardrobe closet and more, working skate board plus a teddy bear the right size for all the furniture.


$9.00 Buy From: Square

Nature Bible Puppet Mania

Learn puppet skills, make puppets, props, and more

$10.00 Buy From: Square

Doll Necklace Kit

Make a wooden bead head necklace on a cord

A cord, bead, nylon netting, and wire plus permanent markers are used to make the necklace. It’s fun to make and wear. For boy’s there’s a teddy bear necklace.

$2.50 Buy From: Square

Alligator Puppet

Everything but the adhesive to make puppet

Puppets can be made from so many materials and what you use creates unique characters. The alligator in green or blue for a monster has a big mouth. It’s easy to make. You need double-sided carpet tape and craft glue to make it plus the kit. Plane a few hours to make it.

$5.00 Buy From: Square

Puppet Making DVD

Tips and ideas for DIY puppet making

Learn tips and ideas for DIY puppets. Tap into creativity to recycle and use dollar store items to make creative puppets.

$8.00 Buy From: Square

DVD Puppetry Skills

Moving puppet to bring it to life

$8.00 Buy From: Square

Teddy Bear Necklace Kit

DIY teddy bear on cord necklace from beads/chenill

Kit with two beads, a cord, and chenille stems makes a fun teddy bear to wear.

$2.50 Buy From: Square

Paper Puppet Theatre Kit

Cut and color puppets to use in full color stage

This kit provides a great introduction to puppetry for children. Children cut and color paper finger puppets that can even stand up. They also cut and color scenery and props. Use the two scripts to perfom a simple show. Scripts are based on two Old Testament stories of Jacob’s ladder and Balaam and a talking donkey.

$2.00 Buy From: Square