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I grew up climbing trees and spending lots of time outside in southern Connecticut. As a young girl I also liked making things and learned to create my own designs. As a child of God, I loved reading the Bible and still do!

Creativity is the ability to turn something in your imagination into reality. Creativity may be applied to any area from problem solving to new works of art. It's more than coming up with ideas. It's a process of birthing those ideas or visions, testing them, and applying them in real life.

We are all creative, but that creativity may be in different ways.


Types of creative people:

  • Some people are creative in their social skills. They come up with great ideas for parties and play and solve problems between people. They may become diplomats or party planners.
  • Other people may be original in art and great at crafting new crafts, designs, or paintings.
  • Still other people may be great problem solvers or trouble-shooters. This may include being able to organize a mess, figure out how to put puzzles together, and see how to use a substitute when something needed for a recipe or craft is not available.
  • Storytellers and writers see how lives can weave together to change people and write them down as stories. They can make people laugh or cry by how they combine words to tell a tale.
I have made dozens of puppets and even hosted an educational TV series on puppetry, called Puppets on Parade.

It takes knowledge to be creative. If you have never sewn it would probably be hard to design and create a new type of clothing. You first need to know how to sew, understand patterns fabrics. Once you master a skill that's when your mind can take over to develop new ideas, new patterns. Or new crafts.

Unleash your creativity! Once you have mastered a skill, then let your mind dream and consider new possibilities:

Home Schooling Tips with Karen's Books

Puppet Theater Kit

 Puppet Theater Kit 
An easy way to use the drama and fun of finger puppets to bring favorite Bible stories to life!
Kit Includes: • Puppets
  •  Stage
  •  Scenery
  •  Scripts for two (2) plays
  •  Donkey Talk
  •  Jacob's Ladder
Ages 5+

Bible Window Stories

O Little Town of Bethlehem
This overlay booklet tells a story while fitting together to form a picture. Just color, cut, and assemble to form booklets. Watch the story's scenes develop page by page!
Ages 5+