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Pam Farrell & Karen Whiting

Joy and Mental Health

 Carole Leathem

Paper Craft

Rebecca White / Karen Whiting


Advent Study

Christine Trimpe

Bible Study

Pam Farrel / Jean E. Jones / Karla Docnache

Bible Study 

Doris Swift

Child’s Advent Activity Book

Tama Fortner 


Children’s Picture Book

Donna Wyland

Children’s Picture Book

LeeAnn Mancini


F. Tilly Brownne

Family Devotionan

Karen Whiting  


Rejoice and Be More Joy-Filled with these Joy Tip

Christine Trimpe

Seek joy daily in God's Word! When you seek joy, you can speak joy to a weary world

F. Tilly Browne (aka Dianne E Butts)

Ariel Marsden spreads joy by reminding the other ladies, “You are beautiful. Every one of you… You are worthy of love. Why would you ever think you’re not worthy of being loved?”

Donna Wyland

Jesus promises us joy when He is the gift we want the most.

Doris Swift 

Joy might not change our circumstances, but we have permission to experience our God-given joy without guilt or shame.

Karen Porter (joy scripture)

Be like the wisemen: When they saw the star they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy. Matthew 2:10 AMP

Karen Whiting 

Choose joy even in struggles, trusting God knows best.

LeeAnn Mancini

The true essence of the holidays is appreciating God's love and provision rather than focusing on material gifts, which brings us great joy!

Linda Evans Shepherd

We can rejoice in the Lord as we trust Him, for He will turn our problems into solutions and our difficulties into marvels.

Pam Farrell

Choose joy! We need to become our own best cheerleader!

Rebecca White

If you want to add more joy into your life, look for a way to serve someone else- it can be little or big but doing something for others brings joy into the life of the giver.

Tama Fortner

Joy is not only knowing the end of the story, it's knowing the Author!

Carole Leathem

I'm knee deep in a mess and my joy keeps flowing! Why? My joy comes from God and He's right here in the mess with me.


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Ariel’s Choice by F. Tilly Browne

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