If you ever wonder why your children can all be so different and how some seem easier to get along with, your family may be a lot like mine. We have a variety of personalities that resemble the characters at Pooh Corner. Once I understood each child's personality as well as mine and my husband’s, it made life easier and more fun as I saw each child's loveable qualities in a new light. As a certified personality trainer I help family members understand one another.
My creative juices are always flowing and spill over into my books and hundreds of articles. I love playing with children and have five children and one dozen grandchildren. I was a contributing writer for Focus on the Family's Focus on Your Child magazines. I also write regularly for three other publications.
One outlet for my creativity is in my passion to connect activities and fun to spiritual insights. It helped my children know that God is involved with all aspects of life. I weave that in my books, such as connecting crafts for tweens with virtues of Biblical women in my God's Girls series and revealing true accounts of how God worked in the lives of military families.
I understand the hearts of families who keep being uprooted as our family moved many times, while my husband, Jim, spent twenty-two years in the Coast Guard. I live on the east coast of Florida.
In addition to writing, I'm a speaker and often a guest on radio. I’ve traveled to Malaysia, China, and Russia to speak and minister to families and children. I had the adventure of swimming in the Black Sea and helping children to make puppets. I don't speak Russian  or  any Chinese dialect, and they didn't know English, but puppetry is a language of the heart and we connected. Through a translator I helped people who minister to families to give them tools to use to help strengthen family communication skills, manage time, and treasure one another.
It's amazing to know my words and thoughts have touched people so far away. I majored in math in college, so I never expected to write. I loved raising my five children and people kept encouraging me to share from the wealth of experiences I created for my family. I prayed about writing and God actually gave me a vision. Then, within hours, I received a painting of the vision and knew God had called me to write. I'm thankful that God has used me to help others and await his plans for the future!