Author and speaker Karen Whiting shares from her heart to bring creativity, truth, and inspiration to her readers. She shares her messages through her sixteen books for women, families, and children plus hundreds of articles, media appearances, and speaking engagements.

A message from Karen

I love to let creativity splash on the pages I write. I desire to help you develop strong relationships with your family and God and to live more joyfully. Check out videos of my TV appearances and my numerous upcoming book releases. It’s a pleasure to connect with my readers, so please join me on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. I will soon be signing a contract for another family devotional. This one will focus on families who impact lives (or deire to do so).

My book The One Year My Princess Devotions won the Christian Retailer Best Awards, children's nonfiction category, for the year of release. These are books the retailers believe have a great impact. Hopefully as Christians we impact lives, including our children’s lives.

 I love to cook, especially breads. My new book Gift of Bread includes recipes, heart warming stores around bread, and insights into bread in the Bible. It’s a book that’s been on my heart for a long time. Jesus is the Bread of Life and I’m thankful for His gift of living bread. Check out a video on making muffin bouquets, a great way to include bread on your table.


Upcoming TV shows

  I’ll be on more TV shows in May to demonstrate and chat about bread, baking, and the significance of bread in the Bible.

May Day showing

Monica Schmelter from the show Bridges  interviewed me May 1 at 9:30 am & 8:30 pm CST. WHTN can be viewed in Middle Tennessee via Charter on Channel 10, Comcast on Channels 21 & 1039, Dish on Channel 39, and local antenna on Channel 39. It can also be viewed via www.ctntv.org/livestream at the days and times listed above. 


Cooking showtime:

On May 18th I will be live on Club 36, WBPI in North Augusta, GA. Tamara Jones will be interviewing me and we’ll be baking bread, making bread centrpieces, and talking about bread in the Bible. It can also be seen on FB at https://www.facebook.com/WBPITV49


New Book in Process

Wow! Another book to write. I started my next family devotional. This will have a little twist but otherwise look like the recent release 52 Weekly Devotions for Busy Families.

The stories and focus will look at families who impact lives. That means those who serve such as firefighters and military personnel, those who volunteer, and others who make a difference. 

If you have a great family based story that might fit, feel free to share it with me.

I love doing family devotions They were the heart of raising my children. Family devotions provide many benefits. Here are some of the great value from family times with God's’s word:

  • Builds strong family bonds
  • Increase reading comprehension nd other cognitive skills
  • Foster children's’s conversational skills
  • Increase vocabulary
  • Inspires children to hold on to a biblical worldview
  • Build faith memories

My daughter Rebecca said that her earliest memories are doing family devotions and that is so precious. I pray that your family will do them and build great faith memories



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