Author and speaker Karen Whiting shares from her heart to bring creativity, truth, and inspiration to her readers. She shares her messages through her sixteen books for women, families, and children plus hundreds of articles, media appearances, and speaking engagements.

A message from Karen

I love to let creativity splash on the pages I write. I desire to help you develop strong relationships with your family and God and to live more joyfully. Check out videos of my TV appearances and my numerous upcoming book releases. It’s a pleasure to connect with my readers, so please join me on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. This year I will have three new books release, making a total of twenty-five books published.

My book The One Year My Princess Devotions won the Christian Retailer Best Awards, children's nonfiction category, for the year of release. These are books the retailers believe have a great impact.

I'm thrilled that my co-authored book Stories of Faith and Courage From the Home Front won the Military Writer Society of America Gold Medal, nonfiction faith, and the 2013 Golden Scroll Nonfiction Book of the Year! It took tons of research but we were honored to share true stories of women, children, and volunteers on the home front during American wars.

              I love to cook, especially breads. My new book Gift of Bread includes recipes, heart warming stores around bread, and insights into bread in the Bible. It’s a book that’s been on my heart for a long time. Jesus is the Bread of Life and I’m thankful for His gift of living bread.





Summer 2017 Releases


I finished galleys of an August release titled Girl Talk Guy Talk. This is co-authored with Jesse Florea (edior of clubhouse magazine and much more). This will encourage teen communication to be real and relevant.

I also worked on edits of another book releasing this summer: Gift of Bread: Food for Heart and Table. This will include recipes and insights into bread in the bIble.

Speaking in China

I spent a few weeks in China, mostly in the north. I flew into Beijing and then went to weifang, the kite capital of the world (yes, I bought kites). My team of 4 (part of ACCTS.org) worked with children to inspire their imagination. That was fun, and children in China, like everywhere, are naturally creative when given supplies and basic ideas. We also spoke to parents who dearly love their children.

We spent a day visiting the WW2 internment camp/museum in Weifang where missioaries spent a few years imprisoned.

Next we headed to Shen Yang and taught camp staff. They responded with great enthusiasm as we taught puppetry and ideas on how to use teachable moments with playing games to connect to the camp’s focus/themes. We helped as they implemented a plan with two groups of campers. We also spoke to parents in that area.

I will likely retrun to China next year. That will hopefully include some princess tea parties for mothers and daughters. 

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